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The Best WWE Superstars of the '80s

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The '80s. The "Golden Era" of wrestling. Why was it so great? Probably because of these WWE (then WWF) Superstars. And that's probably why this list exists. Because it is worth talking about the greatest WWE Superstars of the 80s forever. It's like Hulkamania, YOU CAN'T STOP IT, BROTHER! IT DOESN'T DIE! It's like the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior. THE SPIRIT OF THE WARRIOR WILL RUN FOREVER!!! It's the greatest WWE Superstars of the '80s! They're the cream of the crop! Dig it?! OOOOHHHHHHH YYEEEEEEEAAHHHHH!!!

This generation of wrestlers made professional wrestling a global phenomenon and for that we all owe them a debt of gratitude. Unless you aren't a fan of wrestling. In which case, you can leave. Why are you here?

Anyway, I'm lookin' at you, Rankers. I'm staring you down right through the videoscope, completely ignoring whatever Mean Gene just asked me... Who do you think is the top WWE wrestler of the 1980s? Vote for your favorite now or I'll find you and put you in the camel clutch! While you're at it, go ahead and vote for the top WWE wrestlers currently in the ring.

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    Before he returned as an Iraqi sympathizer in 1990, he was a huge star for the WWF in the early 80s.

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