The Best Xbox 360 Arcade Games

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There’s something to be said about playing classic arcade games on newer consoles, and the Xbox 360 has some of the best of the bunch. That’s why we’re ranking all the best Xbox 360 arcade games, as voted on by gamers like you. Whether you download them from the store or buy them at the store, these new and classic games will always bring the fun.

This list features the most popular and best selling Arcade games on the Xbox 360, including classic titles like The Simpsons Arcade Game, Contra, and Street Fighter 2, as well as newer games like Castle Crashers and Peggle. How many of these games do you remember playing?

Check out the top Xbox arcade games below and vote up the ones you think are the most fun to play.

Most divisive: Fruit Ninja
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  • Castle Crashers
    180 votes
    Aug 27 2008

    Venture into a whimsical medieval world in Castle Crashers, where you scramble to rescue princesses and defeat an evil wizard. Gameplay, a blend of beat ‘em up action with RPG elements, firmly yanks you in with its frenetic pace and quick-witted humor. An indie darling, this 2D hack and slash has earned its stripes through fun multiplayer and riotous fun.

  • Trials HD
    102 votes
    Aug 12 2009

    Trials HD catapults you into a chaotic world of high-speed motorcycle stunts and nerve-wracking crashes. Gameplay boasts of a tight physics-based motorbike control system that puts players through rigorous trials. Its impact has been undeniable, often being credited with kick-starting the physics-based puzzle game trend.

  • Shadow Complex
    98 votes

    In Shadow Complex, you're physically plunged into the dark depths of a mysterious base, soon unveiling a terrifying plot to ignite a civil war. This side-scrolling action-adventure thrives on exploration-based gameplay accompanied by a potent dose of nostalgia influenced by Metroid and Castlevania. Its merger of modern and retro gaming elements has left a distinctive footprint on the indie gaming scene.

  • Limbo
    116 votes

    In Limbo, you play as a nameless boy navigating a monochromatic world that lies somewhere between a nightmare and a purgatorial realm. Its gameplay hooks you in like an eerie lullaby, as you solve environmental puzzles and dodge spine-chilling enemies. Its chilling aesthetic has had a ripple effect on indie title design, setting a new standard for atmospheric platformers.

  • Minecraft
    131 votes

    Minecraft offers an open-world sandbox that mashes up survival, crafting, and adventure into an addictive alchemy of fun. Gameplay rests squarely on creativity, be it building architecturally complex structures or surviving against the game’s many beasts. Its monumental impact on the gaming industry continues to be felt, inspiring a generation of gamers to create and collaborate.

  • State of Decay
    83 votes

    Step into the shoes of a survivor group during a full-blown zombie apocalypse in State of Decay. The gameplay is a harmonious blend of resource management, base building, and classic third-person combat that tests your strategic ingenuity. Its persistent post-apocalyptic world has caused a stir in the survival horror genre, adding depth with elements of simulation.