The Best Xbox 360 Fighting Games of All Time

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Games don't have to be console exclusive, as long as they were released for Xbox 360 at some point.

If you owned an Xbox 360 at any time during your life, then it's safe to say there were probably a few fighting games in your collection. Since Microsoft improved the controller design from the original Xbox, playing fighting games on the 360 felt smoother and more comfortable. With challenging combos and finishing moves to pull off, fighting games are some of the best multiplayer games you can get your hands on. Franchises like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat made the genre famous, but today there are a plethora of others that are just as fun. Since some games were much better than others, we've decided to rank the best Xbox 360 fighting games of all time. Which fighters do you think belong in the top 10?

This list features the most popular and best-selling fighting games that were released for Xbox 360. While many of these games were console exclusive, we're allowing non-exclusives to be a part of the list as well. Examples of items on this poll include Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Tekken 6. Vote for your favorite video games below.

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