The Best Games Under $10 For Xbox One

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Only Xbox games between $.01 and $10 in the Microsoft Store.

Are you a gamer on a budget? Save some cash and check out the best Xbox One games under $10. Just because you play a lot of games doesn't mean you have to go broke in the process. While players are often enamored with new releases, the hottest new games can also be pretty hard on your wallet. There are tons of amazing Xbox games that might be a little bit older or made by smaller studios, but that doesn't mean they're any less fun to play. In fact, some of the coolest and most original Xbox One games only cost $10 or less.

From cult classics like Five Nights at Freddy’s to great graphic adventure titles like Life Is Strange 2, Microsoft’s online library offers tons of great games under $10. How many have you played?

Vote up all the best Xbox One games you can buy for under $10, and add any that are missing. 

Photo: Life Is Strange 2 / Dontnod Entertainment
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