The Best Xbox One Games For Girls

There are plenty of great Xbox games, but this list is focusing specifically on all the best Xbox One games for girls. Though girls have long been neglected in the marketplace, studios have changed gears in recent years, with more and more games being developed specifically for this growing gaming demographic.

When it comes to the Xbox, there are tons of titles that were either developed with girls in mind or simply appeal to everyone. While the PS4 is known for its slew of Sony exclusives, Microsoft-only games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps are fun, engaging, and universal in their appeal. And then there are fun multiplayer titles like Overcooked, a game all about running frantically around a kitchen with your friends as you please hungry customers with your delicious meals.

Other amazing titles like Stardew Valley and Child of Light are engaging RPGs and are packed minigames most female gamers are sure to enjoy, and if you just need to get up and move, there's always hits like Just Dance, which challenges players with their best dance moves.

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