The Best Xbox One Shooter Games You Should Be Playing

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Between the Halo franchise, Destiny, Doom, and Overwatch, there's an Xbox One shooting game for every kind of fan out there. The best Xbox One shooter games on this list include multiplayer shooters for Xbox One, single player shooters like Doom, and even third person shooters. In fact, it's pretty easy to say that shooting games on Xbox One offer the most diversity more than any other genre, probably because it's the most popular genre with young gamers today.

This list includes first-person shooters for Xbox One like Call of Duty: Black Ops III, as well mech shooters like the newly released Titanfall 2. If you've played a lot of these games, we need you to help improve the lists with your votes. Vote up the Xbox One shooters that you play and love, and downvote any that you wouldn't recommend to other gamers.

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