The Best Xbox One Games Released So Far

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Latest additions: Persona 5 Royal, New Tales from the Borderlands, Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef
Most divisive: Titanfall

This is an ongoing list of the best Xbox One games that have been released so far, voted on by other gamers like you. Microsoft has released flashy new titles like Titanfall, Destiny, and Watch Dogs, and sequels to the NBA, NFL, and FIFA franchises continue to pull in huge numbers. Released just in time for the holidays in 2013, Microsoft's Xbox One boasted brilliant graphic improvements, along with social media inter-connectivity, improved voice control, and a more powerful Kinect. Although the Xbox One's direct competition is the Playstation 4, exclusive titles like Dead Rising 3 and D4 keep Xbox One fans coming back for more. 

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