The Best Xbox One RPGs Released So Far

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So you've just bought an Xbox One, and are looking to satiate your appetite for role-playing games. Microsoft has never been known for RPGs on their platforms, but there are still a lot of good Xbox One RPGs that are worth your time. What is the best role-playing game for Xbox One? Many will cite The Witcher 3 as the top title, given it's gigantic depth and hours of gameplay that can keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. Other enjoy Child of Light or The Banner Saga, which are a different change of pace but just as fun.

What is your favorite Xbox One role-playing game? Vote up the titles below that you would most recommend, and downvote the games you've played but didn't necessarily enjoy. If you think the top Xbox One RPG isn't already on the list, add it so others can vote it up too!

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