The Best XXXTentacion Songs, Ranked

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Though he was only able to release so much music before his untimely passing in June 2018, this list of the best XXXTentacion songs proves the rapper had what it takes to become a serious force within hip hop. At just 20 years old, XXXTentacion had dropped some serious and progressive music, even becoming a forerunner within the trap rock and emo rap genres. In short, he was one the of greatest young rap artists, and some of the best XXXTentacion songs remain at the top of his time. 

While "Sad!" may be the most popular XXXTentacion song, the ever-controversial yet talented new school rapper released some other serious gems throughout his short career. "Roll in Peace," "Jocelyn Flores," and "Look at Me" are just a few examples of his best work, and there are plenty more that can go right up there with them.

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