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The Best Songs on YBN Cordae's Album 'The Lost Boy'

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If you listened to the new YBN Cordae album, make your The Lost Boy review by ranking all the songs from best to worst. The debut studio album from the North Carolina rapper features singles, like "Have Mercy" and "Bad Idea" with collaborations from Chance the Rapper, Anderson Paak, Ty Dolla Sign, Meek Mill, and Pusha T. This votable tracklist includes song names, featured artists, and music videos. What are the best songs on The Lost Boy

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    I bought a Moncler coat for the times we were broke
    I'ma wear it in the summer on LeBron James boat
    Front row? Duh, bro, we don't sit on nosebleeds
    Ain't your pockets obese? They won't fit in those seats

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    I know myself all too well to be a stranger of pain
    Despite it all, we remainin' the same, I'm just changin' the game
    Heart pure, never tainted with fame
    Straight ahead, I'ma stay in my lane

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    A 'Magic School Bus' adventure trip inside my cerebral
    Back when I told n***as 'I'll make it, swear' they didn't believe him
    Flashback to Brasstracks and we was playin', no problems
    We was crankin' all the classics from the spring to the autumn

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    F*ck old n***as, boy, your day's over
    You're mad at me because your pace slower
    Bitter n***a, you a shade-thrower, I was just sleepin' on a sofa
    Now I ride with a paid chauffer 

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