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The Best Yellow Golf Balls

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List of the best yellow golf balls, as ranked by avid golfers. You may be wondering, "What's so great about yellow golf balls?" Yellow golf balls have some advantages over the standard white golf balls. Many golfers prefer to use high quality yellow golf balls because they are easier to see. This is especially true on cloudy or overcast days. The bright yellow color is reported to be much easier to follow because it stands out.

The best yellow golf balls are manufactured by a variety of companies. They are durable, strong and made of the same material as white golf balls. Yellow golf balls are about the same color as white golf balls and can be found in most stores. Essentially the only major difference is the color. These high quality golf balls are easy to spot if you hit one out of bounds and are uniquely colored. You will most likely be able to identify your yellow golf ball if you're playing in a crowd that is using standard white golf balls.

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