The Best Yoga Clothing Brands

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The regular practice of yoga can help improve flexibility and body awareness. So it makes sense that the best yoga clothes should be designed to stretch, move, and flex with their wearer. Many manufacturers make yoga clothes with just those features in mind, along with chic style and extra comfort. Some yoga apparel is designed for advanced athletes, while other good yoga clothing is created for beginners. Many of the best yoga clothing brands also make items for other studio disciplines, like Pilates or dance.

What companies will you find on this list of the best yoga clothing brands? When it comes to high-end yoga gear, Lululemon is the place to shop. First founded in 1998, this popular yoga apparel retailer quickly became the go-to brand for stylish, yet practical yoga clothing. Lorna Jane is another one of the best companies that make yoga clothing. Nike is a brand synonymous with all sports and exercise, including yoga. Other great companies featured on this top yoga clothing brands list include Lucy, Pink Lotus, and Victoria's Secret.

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