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Young adult novels are having a moment, their stories for ostensibly written for people aged 12 to 18, but read nearly as often by adults. Whether it is their tendency to have adventurous themes, be fast and enjoyable to read, or any other aspect of young adult literature, readers of any age can enjoy them but the subject matter and genres of YA books correlate with the age and experience of the ages they are written for. The best YA audiobooks make it even easier for anyone to grow their love of books and storytelling during work or travel, even while doing chores.

Some of the best young adult audiobooks have been adapted as films such as The Hate U Give, The Book Thief, and Five Feet Apart. There are also YA audiobooks that are part of longer series such as The Amber Project (The Variant Saga) and Storm Glass (Harbinger series). Other great young adult audiobooks include Skyward and Children of Blood and Bone.

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