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The Best 'Young Frankenstein' Quotes

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The best Young Frankenstein quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Young Frankenstein, with the help of your votes. Starring Gene Wilder as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and Peter Boyle as the Monster, Young Frankenstein was directed by Mel Brooks and released in 2003.

What are your favorite lines from Young Frankenstein? One of the memorable one-liners was when Dr. Frankenstein said, "My name is Frankenstein!" Another great line from Young Frankenstein is, "Hallo. Vould you like to have a roll in ze hay?" spoken by Inga. There are several funny Young Frankenstein lines to choose from.

Vote up your top Young Frankenstein quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    Abby Normal

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Now... that brain that you gave me... was it Hans Delbruck's?

    Igor: [Crosses arms] No.

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: [Holds up hand] Ah. Good. Uh... would you mind telling me... whose brain... I did put in?

    Igor: And you won't be angry?

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: I will not be angry.

    Igor: Abby...someone.

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Abby someone? Abby who?

    Igor: Abby Normal.

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Abby Normal?

    Igor: I'm almost sure that was the name. [Chuckles]

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Are you saying... that I put an abnormal brain... into a 7 and a half foot long... 54- inch wide... [Grabs Igor by throat] Gorilla!? [Strangling Igor]Is that what you're telling me?!

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      Pronounced Eye-Gor

      Igor: Dr. Frankenstein?

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: "Fronkensteen."

      Igor: You're putting me on.

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: No, it's pronounced "Fronkensteen."

      Igor: Do you also say "Froaderick"?

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: No... "Frederick."

      Igor: Well, why isn't it "Froaderick Fronkensteen"?

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: It isn't; it's "Frederick Fronkensteen."

      Igor: I see.

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: You must be Igor.

      Igor: No, it's pronounced "eye-gor."

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: But they told me it was "ee-gor."

      Igor: Well, they were wrong then, weren't they?


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        What Knockers

        [Frankenstein, Igor and Inga in front of HUGE castle doors]

        Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What knockers.

        Inga: Oh, thank you doctor.


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          What Hump?

          Dr. Frankenstein: You know, I don't mean to embarrass you, but I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.

          Igor: What hump?


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