The Most Popular YouTube Gaming Channels Of 2022

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We are ranking the best Youtube gaming channels of 2022! Featuring the some of the top Youtubers of all time, these content creators produce some of the most entertaining video game related content from playing some of the most anticipated games of 2022 to playing some of the newest games of the year. The best Youtube gaming channels of 2022 showcases their unique talents, skills, and personality to millions of people with every upload and stream and it has them coming back for more. If you are wondering who are the biggest gaming channels on Youtube right now, then this list should help you out! 

Some of the most popular Youtube gaming channels of 2022 feature classic long running channels such as PewDiePie, Game Theory, and Markiplier who have consistently grown their channel and evolved their content for years, making their channels a staple in the Youtube community for their knowledge and personality. Meanwhile, competitive gaming channels such as Mr. freshasian, Tfue, and Lachlan showcase their cracked talents in competitive multiplayer games that stuns viewers every time. Which Youtube gaming channel do you think is the best of 2022?

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