The Best Youtube Musicians

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Youtube acts only not mainstream performers with youtube accounts
Youtube is full of singers and musicians that have huge fanbases some you may have heard of others you may not have so which one is your favorite, feel free to add your favorite as well. 
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  • Lindsey Stirling
    204 votes
    Hip hop music, Dubstep, Electronic music
  • Jonathan Young
    19 votes

    Jonathan Young

    Singer/Songwriter/Cover Artist
  • Christina Grimmie
    111 votes
    Hip hop music, Pop music, Dance-pop
    She isn't adding music to this channel any more, but the stuff she has is amazing.
  • Pentatonix
    142 votes
    Electronic music, A cappella, Cover band
  • The Piano Guys
    126 votes

    The Piano Guys

    Rock music, Classical music, Jazz
  • Kurt Hugo Schneider
    110 votes
    Pop music, Acoustic music