The Best YouTubers Under 25 In 2022

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Looking for the best young YouTubers in 2022 in the categories of fashion, beauty, comedy, and gaming? Well, this list has you covered, because it features the best YouTubers under 25 in 2022. Many of the successful YouTubers in their 20s got their start on Vine. However, some YouTubers under 25 began on or TikTok. James Charles is one of the top YouTubers under 25, with a whopping 24.2 million  subscribers. 

Other popular young YouTubers you may know are Charli D'Amelio, JoJo Siwa, and the Dobre twins. Who do you think are the most popular YouTubers under 25 in 2022? Lauren Orlando and Addison Rae are some of the most popular female YouTubers under 25. There are also popular gaming YouTubers, such as MrBeast. 

Check out this list of the most popular YouTubers under 25 in 2022. Be sure to vote up the best YouTubers under 25 in 2022, and then check back to see if your favorites topped the list! 

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  • MrBeast
    28 votes


    91.4m subscribers

    Jimmy Donaldson (born May 7, 1998), known online as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber and philanthropist. Donaldson's videos typically feature "attention-grabbing stunts." He often makes videos on ...more
  • Brent Rivera
    11 votes


    17.4m subscribers

    Brent Austin Rivera (born January 9, 1998) is an American YouTuber, social media personality, and actor. Rivera initially became popular on the now-defunct video hosting platform Vine and has since ...more
  • @BrooklynAndBailey 

    6.91m subscribers

    Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight (born December 31, 1999) are American social media entertainers. The Texas-based identical twins originally surfaced on YouTube as models for their mother, Mindy ...more
  • @urmomashley

    1.19m subscribers

    Ashley Alexander (born October 23, 1999) is an American podcaster and social media personality, known for her YouTube channel, Ur Mom Ashley.
  • Kelly Wakasa
    10 votes


    918k subscribers

    Kelly Wakasa (born November 27, 1999) is an American Instagram and YouTube personality known for his skateboarding and gaming content.
  • Bryce Hall
    10 votes


    3.55m subscribers

    Bryce Hall (born August 14, 1999) is an American Tik Tok and YouTube personality known for vlogs, lip-sync and dancing videos.