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The Best Yuno Gasai Quotes

She's probably the craziest anime woman of all time, but what are your favorite Yuno Gassai quotes? For this list we will rank the greatest quotes from Yuno Gassai from Future Diary, with the help of your votes.

Although she is seriously cute with her pink hair and adorable outfits, Yuno has an extremely dark side that is murderous, cold, and calculating. She will do anything to protect her love interest Yukiteru, including kidnapping him or killing his friends and family. Her backstory is very tragic, although the audience feels a little less bad for her when they realize she killed her parents.

Since Yuno is the prototypical yandere character, there are plenty of Yuno Gassai yandere quotes on this list. Vote up your favorite quotes from Yuno Gassai in Future Diary, no matter how psychotic they might be.


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  • Half Moon Just Like Me
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    502 VOTES

    Half Moon Just Like Me

    "A half moon. A bright half and a dark half. Just like me."

    502 votes
  • I Was Practically Dead
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    454 VOTES

    I Was Practically Dead

    "I was practically dead, but you gave me a future. Yukki is my hope in life, but if it won't come true then I will die for Yukki, and even in death I will chase after Yukki."

    454 votes
  • Refuses To Let Me Be With You
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    304 VOTES

    Refuses To Let Me Be With You

    "I'm crazy!? What's crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!!"

    304 votes
  • Everything I Needed to To Do
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    402 VOTES

    Everything I Needed to To Do

    "I'm selfish, I know. But to keep you only mine, I will do everything I needed to do, even if it's illegal.

    402 votes
  • As Long As I Protect Him
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    336 VOTES

    As Long As I Protect Him

    "I still have a future, as long as I protect him my future as his wife will still be there."

    336 votes
  • Just A Game
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    280 VOTES

    Just A Game

    "Everything in this world is just a game and we are merely the pawns."

    280 votes