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The 15 Best Yuri Anime Video Games You Can't Afford To Miss

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Need some yuri video game recommendations? Despite being a relatively popular genre in the anime world, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to find games tailored for yuri fans. Typically, in the world of visual novels especially, it’s more prominent to see harem-themed games that focus around opposite sex characters. This often leaves players having to play a sex opposite to their identity in order to woo the same sex.

Well, have no fear because we understand all too well the heartache of not being able to find decent yuri games that have an anime art style to them. There are quite a few yuri video games out there that are exceptionally well done, regardless of whether or not they were made by a major developer or a small indie company. Good yuri games include A Little Lily PrincessKindred Spirits on the Roof, and many more!

  • This visual novel takes place in the 19th century where a maid has just been dismissed from her job. With the weight of her family back home to support, she can't afford to not have a job, but it won't be that easy; there are unfounded rumors about her reasons for being let go and it's certainly taking its toll on her. Now working for the Lennard family, she's constantly working and finds no companionship from any of the other maids. That is, except for the suspected witch Taohua. Having her own quarters, despite being a servant, she's never seen with anyone else and yet, she favors Lorina. This story is a bit about a forbidden sort of love if that's what you're into!

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    • Out of all the yuri series we have on this list, this one is certainly very different from the rest. With more of a dark mystery feel to it, the game revolves around a sci-fi theme, not typically seen in yuri visual novels. The Mugunghwa was a space ship sent out into deep space in the 25th century. However, it lost communication with the rest of the world and wasn't found until thousands of years later. Now you must find out what happened to the crew by reading through different logs and having an A.I. companion at your side. This game has two love interests you can pursue and also has five different endings that will compel you to keep playing! 

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      • An adorable RPG and visual novel, this is a yuri game you won't want to miss! In a fantasy land, two protagonists desperately try to escape from their fascist home in hopes of a better life. Unlike many other yuri series, this one seems to have more political undertones that are told from the perspective of a regular little girl. As she understands her world, a minority party soon becomes the only political power in her country and drastically changes everything for her. It's incredibly different from the kind of romantic tales told in other yuri romance games, but perhaps that's what makes this one so compelling. 

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        • This game actually didn't have a lot of options for those who speak English, but it appears [as of this article] that there is a localized version! While this is certainly not the most popular yuri game out there, it is an incredibly unique game that's full of emotions just waiting to burst. The setting is 19th century Paris where Emilie La Fontaine, once rich and well-cared for, has just lost everything. Trying to reunite with her family, she takes shelter in a mansion. Dahlia Louissier will keep Emilie in her care, but will love blossom between them? It's a very interesting storyline!

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