The Best ZO2 Colorways, Ranked

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To all the sneakerheads and NBA fans out there, what do you think are the best ZO2 colorways on the market? Say what you will about the Big Baller Brand, but you have to admit they can make some pretty stylish shoes—and Lonzo Ball's ZO2 is no exception. Not too flashy, not to bulky, the ZO2 is a pretty cool kick. Whether you're sporting Lonzo Ball shoes on the court or as an everyday pair of kicks, there's a colorway for every occasion.

Of all the ZO2 colorways, everyone surely has their favorite. You've got an all-black option for finer events, while you can go flashy for a night out with the Independence Day collection. While each colorway is cool in its own way, some simply stand out over others. Case in point: the ZO2 Prime Remix. It's sleek, it's stylish, and it may be the best color out. Which is your favorite?

Check out all the ZO2s below and vote up the best colorways and styles. 

Photo: Big Baller Brand / Instagram