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The Best Zombie Manga of All Time

Updated June 3, 2021 16.2k votes 6.4k voters 220.9k views25 items

It's one of the most popular genres of the last 10 years, so why wouldn't there be some good zombie manga floating around out there? For this list we're ranking the best zombie manga of all time, influenced by the votes of manga readers like you. What is your pick for the top zombie manga? Upvote the titles below that you've read and loved, and downvote any that you wouldn't want to recommend to other readers.

One slightly lesser known title below is I am a Hero, which is refreshing in that it tells the story of an ordinary kid trying to survive, without the superpowers and craziness of other titles. Other popular manga in the zombie genre include Zombie Loan, Zombie Hunter, and Biomega. If we've left off any titles that deserve to be called the best, feel free to add your own zombie apocalypse manga recommendations to the list.

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