The Best Zombie Movies On Netflix

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Dynamic and decomposed, the best zombie movies on Netflix will make you scream loud enough to wake the dead. Looking for the best zombie movies to watch on Netflix? This is a list of the best zombie movies to stream on Netflix, with all the blood, guts, and gruesome scenes you could ever want. Whether you're looking for classics or a new release, Netflix boasts plenty of zombie movies to watch. In the same way zombies come in a variety of forms (runners vs. shufflers for example), Netflix's available zombie films feature a wide range of monsters and plot points. The streaming service's finest undead offerings appear in the list below, a varied collection that gets as humorous as it does horrifying.

Zombies, one of horror's most prevalent staples, continue to pop up in horror films thanks to their versatility and because few things look more dismal on screen than an undead horde. Furthermore, the utility of the undead lets them rise from the grave into practically any genre. These days, zombies shuffle around even in romantic comedies. Thanks to Netflix, watching all these different zombie flicks has never felt easier. Netflix has the right zombie movie for anyone, either living or dead. 

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