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The Best Zombie Versions Of Superheroes

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Marvel and DC have been publishing comic books for over 80 years, and throughout that time, different versions of the publishers' most popular characters have popped up every now and again. In most cases, this happens in Marvel's What If...? or DC's Elseworlds titles, but those aren't the only examples, and thanks to multiverses, pretty much anything is possible - even zombies.

Zombies have been all the rage thanks to the success of series like The Walking Dead, and the big two comic book publishers have embraced the genre with their own zombie superheroes. Marvel launched Marvel Zombies in 2005 while DC touched on the genre with Blackest Night in 2009 and DCeased in 2019. All three series introduced undead versions of everyone's favorite superheroes, and the fans loved them.

Check out the zombie superheroes down below, and don't forget to vote up your favorite to see which one rises to the top!

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