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The Best And Feistiest Zombies In Anime

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While zombies in most media typically center themselves around horror or violence, zombies from anime get a little complex in nature. More dynamic than the standard rotting corpses or the rage monsters of movies like 28 Days Later, the coolest zombies in anime possess greater capacities than simply shuffling and moaning, and often look desirable rather than decomposed. In fact, some zombie anime characters even work to keep up their human-like appearances and demeanors. This complexity makes anime with zombies in it much more captivating than standard zombie lore.

Sure, many of them do hunt down humans, and yes, they may still eat their flesh; after all, they are still zombies! But zombies from anime achieve a depth usually only explored for more glamorous monsters like vampires and werewolves, making these undead characters all the more captivating to watch. Not all anime series with zombies are pretty, but don't let that ruin your love of the undead. They're not monsters, they're just misunderstood... and maybe a bit hungry.