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30 Of The Most Iconic Images To Use As Your Custom Zoom Background

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Many companies and schools have transitioned to working and learning from home. Naturally, many members of both demographics have turned to Zoom as a way of facilitating meetings and lessons. One of the unexpected benefits of using Zoom is the application's custom background feature, which allows users to switch their background to an image of their choice. Twitter user @BeeShellll started a thread on some of the most iconic images to use as your Zoom background, and called for others to make more additions. Needless to say, they didn't disappoint. This collection is a bevy of hilarious pop culture references, ranging from movies and television to memes, dedicated to helping you up your Zoom background game, enjoy!

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    The Krusty Krab

    Photo: SpongeBob SquarePants / Nickolodeon
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    Walgreens Circa 2019

    Photo: @BeeShellll / Twitter
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    Bus Stop In South Park

    Photo: South Park / CBS Television
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    The Old Windows Default Background

    Photo: @thermal_updraft / Twitter
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