Zoom Halloween Backgrounds (That You Don't Need To Wait For October To Use)

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Just because Halloween is a bit different this year, it doesn't mean that you can't have a bit of fun with your socially distant Halloween parties. Video conference programs, like Zoom, have made keeping in touch a breeze, and these free virtual Halloween Zoom backgrounds are just the thing to spice up your semi-regular Zoom parties. We've collected some scary and spooky Zoom backdrops to enhance whatever creepy costumes you might muster this holiday, as well as some funny and light-hearted Zoom background images, if that isn't your speed. 

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    The Spiral Hill From The Nightmare Before Christmas

    From the only movie that works for multiple holidays, this beloved backdrop is a great pick for the months of October through December!

    Download here!

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    Camp Crystal Lake

    Camp Crystal Lake
    Photo: Friday The 13th / Paramount Pictures

    Camp Crystal Lake- it's to die for!

    Download here!

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    A Murder Of Crows

    Nothing quite says "spooky" like a black and white photograph of a murder of crows. 

    Download here!

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    Slender Man Forest

    If you're a fan of old school copypastas, this throwback to Slenderman is a great pick for someone that wants to subtly spook their Zoom-mates. (see: the left side of the image).

    Download here!