The 13 Greatest Zoro Fights In 'One Piece,' Ranked

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Zoro is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat crew. A master swordsman who specializes in Santoryu, or Three Swords Style, he's constantly striving to better himself as a swordsman. His fights are a major highlight of the series - but which are the best Zoro fights in One Piece? 

There are plenty of great ones to choose from. If you want to see him mowing through opponents like they're nothing, you might favor the time he fought off 100 Baroque Works agents. If you want to see him struggle against someone whose abilities seemingly overwhelm him, you might like the time he fought Ryuma, or even Dracule Mihawk. Each fight brings something a little different to the table, but all of them are fantastic.


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    Zoro Vs. Ryuma

    Shimotsuki Ryuma is a world-famous samurai known as the Sword God. He lived in a totally different time period than Zoro's, so if not for the whole zombie thing during Thriller Bark, the two would never have crossed swords. 

    Zoro challenges Ryuma to a fight so that he can get his hands on the Shusui, one of the 21 Great Grade swords that Ryuma used in his lifetime. Their epic fight takes them sailing through the air and onto rooftops. Both of them are putting up the strongest fight they can manage. Ultimately, Zoro wins and takes ownership of Shusui - but in the end, he's a little disappointed that he didn't get to take on Ryuma in his prime. 

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    Zoro Vs. Killer

    Killer is a hard enough opponent to deal with, but this fight is repeatedly interrupted by Gyukimaru, who is trying to distract Zoro. What's more, he doesn't have the swords he's used to fighting with. That's how Killer manages to slash Zoro in the chest with a scythe.

    Zoro's response is remarkably cool - he rips it out of his body and places it in his mouth so that he can pull off a Santoryu move. He loses consciousness from blood loss soon after, but by that point Killer has been soundly defeated. 

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    Zoro Vs. Daz Bonez

    Also known as Mr. 1, Daz Bonez is a tough opponent for Zoro to deal with. Using his Dice-Dice Fruit, Daz Bonez can turn any part of his body into a steel blade. Zoro couldn't cut through steel, so he couldn't damage Daz Bonez for most of the fight.

    But Zoro still has incredible endurance, so he's able to hold on until he hears the "breath of all things" which gives him insight into how to slice through steel. This lets him turn the tables on Daz Bonez and win the fight. It also marks one of the first times he truly exceeded what he thought was possible.

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    Zoro Vs. Kaku

    In order to get his hands on the keys that would unlock Robin's handcuffs, Zoro has to defeat Kaku. Kaku's Ox-Ox Fruit, Model: Giraffe is pretty serious competition, both because of Kaku's massive size and because he gets riled up when Jabra mocks him about it. Also, Zoro himself is handcuffed to Usopp. But Zoro makes it work. This involves taking advantage of Kaku's long neck, plus using Usopp as the hilt of his sword, much to Usopp's dismay. He also debuts a move called Asura, which gives him a power boost that makes him appear to have become a three-faced, six-armed demon god.

    When Zoro wins, Kaku is a good sport - he gives him the key without a fuss. 

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    Zoro Vs. Bartholomew Kuma

    This fight is amazing not because of any fancy sword work on Zoro's part, but because of his ability to endure agonizing pain, and his loyalty to his friends.

    Zoro can't defeat the super-powered cyborg, so he offers to trade his own life for Luffy's. Kuma says that he'll leave if Zoro will take on all the accumulated pain and fatigue that was extracted from Luffy. Just a tiny bit of it is excruciating for Zoro, but he manages to take it all. 

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    Zoro Vs. Pica

    Pica's voice might be ridiculous, but in battle he's no joke. His Stone-Stone Fruit allows him to fuse his body with stone, which means that in order to stand a chance against him, Zoro needs to be able to slice through stone itself. During a fight with several phases, Pica ends up fusing with a giant statue, which Zoro slices up by imbuing his swords with Busoshoku Haki and striking with Santoryu Ogi: Daisen Sekai. But this only destroys the statue - Pica escapes from it and coats his body in Haki. Zoro's Haki is stronger, and he's able to defeat him. 

    Zoro doesn't waste time celebrating his win. Even when he's praised, his main concern is the Birdcage coming down - and, of course, ensuring that his swords have not been damaged. 

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