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The Best Zydeco Songs

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Perhaps no other two genres of music are more closely associated with Louisiana than jazz and zydeco music. This zydeco songs list includes some of the most famous zydeco songs performed by iconic artists – many of whom were around when the music was first taking shape.

Zydeco music was born on the bayou, in backyards of Creole citizens’ homes as a celebration of a feast. Neighbors would gather and play “La-La” music on a variety of unusual instruments, including spoons, scrub boards, and accordions. Eventually, guitars and fiddles were added, boosting the boisterous sound that can still make even the most reluctant listeners get up and dance with total abandon.

The best zydeco songs are classics, including “Paper in My Shoe” by Boozoo Chavis and “Cornbread” by Beau Jocque. And if you’re learning the history of top zydeco songs, include C.J. Chenier and “Zydeco Sont Pas Sale” as well. All the good zydeco songs listed here are worth your time. Take a listen and vote for your favorites.