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Beth Thomas, The 'Child Of Rage,' Showed The World What A 'Psychopathic' Child Looked Like

Children are usually thought of as innocent, so cases of killer kids can be highly disturbing to the public. The documentary Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse, which aired on HBO in 1990, shocked viewers with its depiction of a seemingly psychopathic child. 6-year-old Beth Thomas gave troubling interviews in which she expressed a desire to harm her brother and adoptive parents.

The true story of the "Child of Rage" is a tragic story of extreme childhood abuse and neglect and their psychological consequences. Controversial intensive therapy managed to help Beth work through her Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and she now leads a healthy life. Ultimately, hers is a story of hope. 

When HBO released the documentary, watching Beth speak so openly about her dark thoughts and urges shocked viewers everywhere. Most had never seen what a child with psychopathic tendencies looked like, and the damage she could have inflicted if she hadn't had such a supportive family was hard for audiences to consider.