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Beth Thomas, The 'Child Of Rage,' Showed The World What A 'Psychopathic' Child Looked Like

Updated 11 Jul 2019 4.5m views13 items

Children are usually thought of as innocent, so cases of killer kids can be highly disturbing to the public. The documentary Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse, which aired on HBO in 1990, shocked viewers with its depiction of a seemingly psychopathic child. 6-year-old Beth Thomas gave troubling interviews in which she expressed a desire to harm her brother and adoptive parents.

The true story of the "Child of Rage" is a tragic story of extreme childhood abuse and neglect and their psychological consequences. Controversial intensive therapy managed to help Beth work through her Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and she now leads a healthy life. Ultimately, hers is a story of hope. 

When HBO released the documentary, watching Beth speak so openly about her dark thoughts and urges shocked viewers everywhere. Most had never seen what a child with psychopathic tendencies looked like, and the damage she could have inflicted if she hadn't had such a supportive family was hard for audiences to consider. 

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