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Fan Theories For The Final Season Of 'Better Call Saul' That Just Might Be True

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Whenever it finally makes it to the airwaves, Better Call Saul Season 6 will arrive on the crest of a tidal wave of hype. Not only will the sixth season mark the end of Jimmy McGill’s solo adventures, it will also represent the conclusion of the entire Breaking Bad universe - at least for the time being - and that’s a big deal. As such, online speculation is already rampant, and various television forums have already been flooded with a torrent of Better Call Saul fan theories.

Anyone who was initially skeptical about the prequel/spinoff has no doubt been won over by this point, and most will attest that the top Better Call Saul episodes stack up well against Breaking Bad’s best. While few are happy to see this story reach its presumably bitter conclusion, fans are undeniably excited to see what happens. In the meantime, they’ve got some predictions to share. You can also find more shows like Better Call Saul!

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    Kim, Not Saul, Is The One Who Will Really Break Bad

    The conceit of Better Call Saul originally seemed to be one of a villainous transformation, with the somewhat lovable Jimmy McGill destined to become the amoral Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad fame by the end of the series. And while that metamorphosis does appear to be on track, a fan theory Redditor /u/iiielka suggests that the more dramatic character arc was never really about Jimmy, and that it is Kim Wexler who will truly “break bad” and be the Walter White of the series.

    As they argue:

    After watching the finale it's clear that Kim is on an almost identical path to the one Walt was on in Breaking Bad.
    Working a fairly respectable job, but feels almost wasteful when compared with their true potential […]
    The desire to unleash that potential taking them down an illicit road, Kim and her various scams, Walt and his drug manufacturing.
    And finally, the most crucial element, seeing the harm their actions will bring but deciding it's worth it and that it will pay off in the end. That the ends do justify the means.

    Of course, the plot unfolding this way could also inspire Saul’s own dark turn, but it would still certainly qualify as unexpected after Kim's introduction as a good, noble-hearted advocate fighting to do things the right way.

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    Nacho’s Storyline Will End In A Series Of Tragedies

    No character in Better Call Saul is in a worse position heading into Season 6 than Ignacio “Nacho” Varga. At the end of the finale, Nacho plays a key role in letting the strike team into Lalo's compound, but he has no idea that the operation failed to take out the lethal Salamanca leader. Lalo is alive and hungry for vengeance, which seems to point toward a tragic fate for Nacho as Redditor /u/CarrotcakeSuperSand outlines in a painful fan theory. 

    First and foremost, Nacho’s father - whose wellbeing has been held over Nacho’s head for the entirety of the series - is almost certain to be collateral damage as payback. From there, Lalo will track down Nacho himself, perhaps because Saul Goodman sells him out to save his own skin. That could go a long way toward explaining why Saul shouts “No, it wasn’t me. It was Ignacio. He’s the one!” when Walter White and Jesse Pinkman kidnap him in Breaking Bad, a line he follows up with “Lalo didn’t send you? Oh, thank god.”

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    Gus Fring Will Save Nacho, Earning Mike’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Era Loyalty

    Though Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring have a stable working relationship as of Season 5 of Better Call Saul, Gus has yet to earn the absolute loyalty that Mike shows in Breaking Bad. Redditor /u/dhankook2 believes that the reason for Mike’s allegiance will be revealed in Season 6, and that it will involve the fate of another important character - Nacho Varga.

    Mike doesn’t ask for much in his professional dealings with Gus, but he strongly encourages his boss to let Nacho (and his father) off the hook and escape the game, but Gus is reluctant to give up such a valuable asset in his enemies' ranks. If, however, Gus changes his mind and grants Nacho something of a reprieve, it would forever change the dynamic between him and Mike. As /u/dhankook2 puts it:

    I predict Gus will do something in the next season to intervene in Nacho's fate, putting his neck on the line and securing Mike's loyalty. He may not succeed in saving Nacho, but he'll put himself in harm's way - perhaps even eliminating Lalo, contrary to Mike's expectations, teaching Mike to trust him more.

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    'Gene' Will Revert To Saul Goodman Mode And Con His Way To Freedom

    “Gene Takovic,” the third iteration of Jimmy McGill, is a broken man, as demonstrated by several flashforward sequences throughout Better Call Saul. His storyline still has to be resolved in Season 6, and that could happen via something Redditor /u/lunch77 is calling “The Return of Saul Goodman.”

    According to that theory, Saul has one last con left in him, and he’s going to use it to escape his mundane life on the lamb. Fellow Redditor /u/Hamlin_Hamlin_McGill delves even further into the idea, surmising that “Gene” will find a way to take advantage of Jeff, the obnoxious man who recognizes him from his old commercials, en route to freedom.

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