'Supernatural' Fan Theories That We Wish Really Happened

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Supernatural is one of the most beloved and polarizing television shows to date. With fifteen seasons full of tragic storylines, complex relationships, and dynamic characters, it's really no wonder as to why. Even though the show has ended, fans still gather to pour out their thoughts and theories online, wondering about loose ends and unused arcs. Here is a list of theories that fans wish would've actually happened in Supernatural.

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    Castiel Heals The Winchesters From More Than Just Mortal Wounds

    Castiel Heals The Winchesters From More Than Just Mortal Wounds
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    From Redditor u/the_wendigo_redneck:

    Cas is the reason Dean hasn't had a heart attack. Now let's be honest Dean is not a healthy man, we never see him exercise, it's stated that he eats a bacon cheeseburger almost every day, once mentioned two back to back bacon double cheeseburgers, his diet is insanely unhealthy even without that, the man drinks himself to oblivion on the regular and often spends countless hours on the road his job is extremely high stressed and he generally has no healthy coping mechanism he's a heart attack waiting to happen.

    But what if every time Cas is healing him from whatever wound he's also healing his entire body including all the damage he's done to to his eternals, blood pressure any kind of issue that would greatly effect most people.

    And yes I know that Chuck is writing the boys and keeping then going to a point but he also did put Castiel there.

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    An Angel's True Vessel Has Matching Personality Traits

    An Angel's True Vessel Has Matching Personality Traits
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    From Redditor u/Animalion:

    I feel that an angel's true vessel (or best vessel for the angel) is related to the vessel's personality/traits matching the angel itself (not just bloodline).

    We know Sam and Dean represent their respective archangels, so it isn't surprising that Lucifer and Michael are good fits for them. However, we also know that Castiel's vessel/body has been exceedingly strong and has been able to withstand a lot of extreme events (e.g., Lucifer possession) without completely deteriorating (or at least very slowly).

    So, I think the strength of Castiel's vessel indicates that there is some merit to angels and vessels matching. Jimmy Novak and Castiel both have/had a strong sense of faith, a deep love of family, and they generally want to do the "right" thing. In addition, both Cas and Jimmy are willing to sacrifice themselves for their families without a second thought. So, I think the capability of Jimmy's body as a vessel, supreme vessel, for Cas does go beyond simple bloodlines.

    Even though Nick wasn't Lucifer's true vessel, he did last a long time (even before Crowley's intervention) compared to other vessels. We know that Lucifer and Nick are both psychopaths who are large hypocrites who like to blame others before themselves. Thus, that's why I think Nick has worked better than a lot of other "regular joe" vessels for Lucifer (as he is similar to Lucifer).

    Spoilers for latest episode in S15 below. I think Adam and Michael have also worked out because of similarities not only because of Adam's bloodline (even as Adam isn't Michael's true vessel). Both of them have a strong loyalty to a parental figure (Adam with his mother and Michael with his father). Both of them have a hard time believing the truth even when faced with some evidence (Adam didn't believe angels were corrupt and Michael didn't believe his father was). Adam and Michael also have a drive to following "fate" and "destiny" (e.g., Swan Song).

    So, I think bloodlines do play a role in strong vessels but I also feel that the stronger the connection between a vessel and its angel, the better a match (e.g., longer-lasting) it is for both the vessel and the angel.

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    The Brothers Look Different In Flashbacks Depending On Whose Memory It Is

    The Brothers Look Different In Flashbacks Depending On Whose Memory It Is
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    From Redditor u/Athena-Muldrow:

    TL;DR-- Colin Ford and Dylan Everett are accurate representations of Sam and Dean during high school, while Brock Kelly and the uncredited child actor were how the brothers viewed each other respectively.

    During the flashback episode in season four ("After School Special"), we see a young Sam (Colin Ford) and a young Dean (Brock Kelly). This episode is from Sam's point of view. During the flashback episode in season nine ("Bad Boys"), we see a young Dean (Dylan Everett) and a brief glimpse of a young Sam (uncredited actor). This episode is from Dean's point of view. Supposedly these flashbacks took place roughly around the same time, give or take a year at most. So why is there such a huge rift between the characters' ages?

    So here's the theory: "After School Special" is Sam's flashback, which is why he remembers himself accurately (Colin Ford), but Dean as a suave, heartbreaking bad*ss (Brock Kelly). Meanwhile, "Bad Boys" is Dean's flashback, which he why he remembers himself accurately (Dylan Everett), but Sam as a young, innocent kid still playing with toys (uncredited actor), despite these episodes canonically taking place around the same time period.

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    Mary Is A True Vessel For Lucifer

    Mary Is A True Vessel For Lucifer
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    From a former Redditor:

    Mary is Lucifer's new vessel. She fits all the criteria Sammy did and doesn't have a Dean counterpart and her Resurrection will only assure Lucifer's rise.

    The criteria for Sammy was that he was a descendant of Cain and Abel and he was defiant to his father, he went to college when Dean stayed a good hunter.

    Their mother is rebellious to her father Samuel who didn't want her to marry John Winchester and give up hunting which she did anyway and she is obviously a descendant since the boys are.

    All signs point to Satan vessel.

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    Rowena Is More Than Just A Witch

    Rowena Is More Than Just A Witch
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    From Redditor u/ScorpioxMoon:

    After Rowena successfully removed the seal that limited "aspects" of her magic, many fans suspect that we can now look forward to seeing an even more powerful version our beloved super witch. Some even speculate that she's something more than just a witch.

    I, on the other hand, personally do not believe that Rowena has any more power now than what she already had, but that now she can access all of her power without limit. If you look back, 99% of Rowena's magic has a verbal component. Even for simple things like telekinesis, she uses a spell, whereas we've seen many witches in the past of lesser power perform impressive feats of telekinesis with just a gesture alone. We know that sorcery is very specific in that in order to invoke a magical effect, you generally need the right incantation which may or may not also be accompanied by other ingredients or requirements needed to make the spell work. Not only that, but spells only draw on the amount of power required to carry out that particular task. 

    So it's my theory that Olivette's curse didn't reduce Rowena's magic, but simply limited it to the point that she could only tap into it by using spells as opposed to sheer force of will. This is generally what differentiates high-level beings from lower-level ones. Beings of the highest class and order (i.e. Primoridals, Jack, Jesse Turner when Lucifer is Earthbound, etc.) can do virtually anything they want and are only bound by their imagination and will. I think that before her powers were sealed, Rowena achieved a state of magical transcendence and unlike the average witch, she did not need spellcraft to use her magic to it's fullest potential but could do it just by wishing it. 

    IMO, this would explain why she coveted magical tomes so much, particularly powerful ones like the Book of the Damned, which enabled her to cast high-level magic that she ordinarily wouldn't have access too. It would also explain why her power-levels seemingly fluctuate so much. In direct confrontation, Rowena seems weaker, yet when she has a spell on hand or does more ritualistic magic (like removing the Mark of Cain), she's capable of some truly extraordinary feats.

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    Azazel Is A Nephilim

    Azazel Is A Nephilim
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    From a former Redditor:

    First a ''history'' lesson: In the Book of Enoch, Azazel is the leader of a second (or maybe first) wave of fallen angels. Not an archangel like Lucifer, but a leader amongst angels never the less. He taught humanity how to make weapons, witchcraft and make up (one of this things is not like the other...) and mated with human females, giving birth to half-angel beings called the Nephlim. God sent Raphael to lock him up in a cage under a dessert to be open only when Judgement comes.

    Anywho, when I first watched Supernatural I thought that Eric Kripke just took the name of a random demon and made him king of hell, the fact that this was the name of a leader of Fallen Angels seemed like just a coincidence.

    But then, I remembered a specific scene.

    The way Azazel talks to him, so lovingly. Lucifer too, calls him ''my son'' in a way that seems uncharacteristic for him. Lucifer treated his subjects, even those who were loyal to him, with contempt, only showing some kind of simpathy for other angels. But with Azazel... he seemed loving.

    So... what if Lucifer is not just his ''spiritual father''? Maybe Lucifer is his actual kin.

    Point 1: We know that Nephlim exist in this world, as living, corporeal beings. So Lucifer was equiped to have babies if he so choses.

    Point 2: We know that Holy water doesn't work on Azazel. When the Winchesters tried it on him he said: ''You don't think that would work on something like me, did you?'' ... Why wouldn't it work on something like him? He's a demon. It works perfectly fine with his ''son'' and ''daughter''. It even works on the Knights of Hell, and those were pre-christian demons.

    Point 3: Why was he chosen to be the heir to Lucifer's throne? Was he stronger than Lilith? She was the first demon, and Cain didn't seemed to think of him as a physical threat as he didn't go after him. So why in the Might is right world of Hell was he chosen over the leader of the Knights and the first demon?

    Lilth and Abadon had to fight for dominance in Hell, while all other demons just bowed their heads to Azazel.

    Point 4: His name. Azazel is an Angel's name, not just because it ends in 'el. The name ‘Azazel’ may be derived from ‘azaz’ and ‘el’ meaning ‘'strong one of God''. It's the name an Angel would give a child, as those are the only types of names they would know.

    Part 5. We know that God doesn't like the Nephilim existing. And we know Lucifer hated God, so him siring a Nephilm and making him Prince of Hell... well, it seems right up his alley, doesn't it?

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