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As with other forms of entertainment, there are some vastly underrated video games most people will never play. See, the vast majority of people will stick to the blockbuster video game titles they were introduced to when they first picked up a controller. These tried and tested titles continue to find success because players know exactly what they'll get.

The truth is, though, many of these AAA titles are average at best. There is a whole world of next level video games you need to play. Whether they are indie releases made by small teams, or a bigger budget titles people just overlooked, there are plenty of better versions of popular video games. They move on from the basic stuff you would normally see, and introduce some truly wonderful ideas and innovative, genre-bending concepts. So, if you're tired of playing the same old games over and over again, check out some of these titles.

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Subnautica Is A Better Exploration Game Than No Man’s Sky

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Photo:  Unknown Worlds Entertainment/Hello Games

Subnautica and No Man’s Sky might not look alike superficially, but both games are essentially all about exploration. While No Man’s Sky had a big budget and huge marketing campaign behind it, it left players largely unimpressed. Subnautica, on the other hand, is a more engaging game that is far less repetitive.

Since areas and creatures are not procedurally generated, actual care has been taken with where things go and how they work. Ultimately, the underwater title lets you leave a genuine mark on the world with your actions, while you just seem to be a galactic passerby in No Man’s Sky.

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Photo:  Techland/EA

Even though the Mirror's Edge series has attracted a dedicated set of fans, it has failed to live up to its potential in both incarnations. The idea of a first-person game based around parkour certainly has promise, but DICE and EA could not deliver. One other game, however, has taken essons learned from Mirror’s Edge and built on them. That game is Dying Light.

Containing many of the same elements as the EA franchise, this zombie title added exciting combat, a day-night cycle that changed gameplay, and many other ways to interact with the large open world. Mirror’s Edge just cannot compete with the innovative gameplay mechanics included in Dying Light. When you add in the much more detailed world (and zombies), and compare it to the bland environments in EA’s offering, it becomes clear who the winner is.

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Life Is Strange Is A Far Greater Adventure Game Than The Walking Dead

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Photo:  Square Enix/Telltale Games

Although Telltale Games has dominated the graphic adventure genre for the past decade or so, other developers are now beginning to create their own entries for the genre. Life is Strange took what was good about Telltale games, such as The Walking Dead, and improved upon almost every aspect.

The game contains none of the clunky camera movement or bugs its competitors are famous for, and introduced a much more vibrant world to explore. Here, characters are also more emotional and relatable, giving them a greater impact on the story. Topped off with incredible, immersive visuals and a far more sophisticated musical score, Life is Strange simply outperforms The Walking Dead in every meaningful way.

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Sheltered Is Far More In-Depth Than Fallout Shelter

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Photo:  Team17/Bethesda

Sheltered is a better game than Fallout Shelter, both because of the level of complexity and the choice available to players. Unlike the free-to-play title from Bethesda, Sheltered puts you in charge of just a few inhabitants, rather than an entire vault. This provides an opportunity to have a more meaningful relationships with both the characters you play as and come across in the wild.

The management of your shelter is also a much more in-depth system, with everything from waste management to the cleanliness of the underground dwelling coming into play. Whereas Fallout Shelter is a game you might play for a few brief moments a day, Sheltered engages your full attention when playing, and will keep you occupied for hours.

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