Conspiracies 17 Insane Beyoncé Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe Are True  

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The more famous you are, the more mud people try to fling at you - and no one is more famous than Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. The sheer amount of Beyoncé conspiracy theories that circulate through the blogsophere on any given day is tremendous, but what are some of these crazy conspiracies?

The oddest Internet theories about Beyoncé include the idea that she never was pregnant with her first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter. This "Beyoncé pregnancy conspiracy" went viral and still pops up every now and then, even years after Blue was born. Also up there among the nuttiest of Beyoncé theories are stories about how she controlled her Destiny's Child bandmates at every opportunity; that she, not her mom Tina, gave birth to her sister Solange; and that she killed Joan Rivers. That's not to mention the theory that she and her husband Jay Z are secret members of the Illuminati.

What are the most bizarre Beyoncé theories you've heard of? Keep reading to uncover more crazy stories, and vote the most insane up to the top of the list.

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Aaliyah Was Killed Off So Beyoncé Could Be The Queen Bee
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While all Aaliyah fans can agree that her untimely death in a plane accident was tragic, there are some who take it a step further and believe it was straight-up murder. There is a faction of die-hard Aaliyah fans who firmly believe Beyoncé had her killed off so she could be the reigning R&B star. 

Believers in this conspiracy cite the fact that Aaliyah started her career before Beyoncé, essentially paving the way. For example, Aaliyah was supposed to star in the remake of Sparkle, a story of three women making their way through the music industry at the hit of Motown popularity. Who else was in an eerily similar movie? Beyoncé, in her role in Dreamgirls. Theorists conveniently ignore the fact Dreamgirls came out six years before the Sparkle remake, as they firmly believe Beyoncé's intent is reason enough to believe in this theory. 

Believers go further down the rabbit hole, citing interviews where Aaliyah talked about her aspirations – aspirations that Beyoncé later went on to achieve. Aailyah also claimed she had a dream someone was after her a week before she died, and who could that be? Beyoncé, obviously. 

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She Molested Her Former Drummer With 'Dark Magic'
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Kimberly Thompson, one of Beyoncé's former drummers, accused the singer of molesting her with "dark magic" and went to court seeking a restraining order against Mrs. Carter. Thompson accused the star of running "a campaign of harassment" against her which, according to legal documents, went so far as to kill the drummer's cat and manipulate her finances as well as other elements of “Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic, and Magic spells of sexual molestation.”

The court denied Thompson's 2018 request for a temporary restraining order against Beyoncé.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Members Of The Illuminati
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According to some believers, Bey and Jay are top-ranking members of the Illuminati, a secret society that maintains power by worshipping Satan. Although the Illuminati was a real group once, the evidence that the King and Queen are involved with them is pretty non-existent.

Conspiracy theorists claim that, when Bey and Jay throw up the "Roc," a.k.a. the triangular symbol representing Jay Z's original record label, Roc-A-Fella, and current venture Roc Nation, that really represents the Illuminati symbol. Some also say that their daughter Blue Ivy's name is a reference to Satan, standing for "Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest."

Bey's response? "Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess," she says in her hit single "Formation."

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She Was Never Pregnant With Blue Ivy
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You've probably heard this old chestnut before, but the rumor that Beyoncé wasn't really pregnant with her first child is still out there. This conspiracy theory is primarily based on one video of Bey sitting down during an interview; skeptics say that her belly deflated like she was wearing a pregnancy pad. Allegedly, she also kept changing the due dates when she spoke to the press, and her music videos from the time feature her both pregnant and not pregnant. And there's the fact that Jay Z also had the entire floor of the hospital where she gave birth shut down for privacy. Suspicious, no?

No. Not only did Bey brush these rumors aside, but she announced her second pregnancy with stunning photos that put any doubters to rest.

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