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America doesn't technically have a royal family, but if we did, Jay-Z and Beyoncé would definitely be the King and Queen of these United States. Not only has Beyoncé become one of the most successful entertainers of all time, but she's also an inspiration to millions of fans worldwide for her philanthropy, her passion, her music, and the awesome way she lives her life.   

You probably already worship at the alter of Queen B, but just in case you needed a handy list of reasons Beyoncé is amazing, we decided to make one for you! Check out these Beyoncé facts and prepare to bow down (bitches). This is a list of examples that prove Beyoncé is Queen. She's the fiercest of the Fierce, an independent woman, and a good role model for kids everywhere. If you weren't part of the Beyoncé fan club before, you definitely will be after you read this list of true facts about Beyoncé. You're welcome.

She Called Out Jay-Z's Infidelity with an Entire "Visual Album"

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It's not really clear why anyone would cheat on Beyonce, but apparently Jay-Z made that grave mistake. Not one to sit down and take it lightly, Bey dropped a "visual album" in April of 2016 that included an hour-long movie/music video/masterpiece effectively outing Hova for his infidelity. It included some controversial, touchy, and jarringly raw lyrics alluding to everything from his troubled past to his favorite side pieces. What's more, she dropped the album on Tidal, the steaming service OWNED by Jay. That's bold. By the end of the video (which also aired on HBO), the couple seems to be working toward reconciliation. Here's hoping the album, Lemonade, doesn't put an end to it.

She Can Keep Going Even If Her Hair Gets Stuck in a Fan

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In 2013, Beyoncé got her hair tangled up in a stage fan MID-SONG while performing "Halo" in Montreal.  But like the pro she is, she KEPT SINGING!  She didn't miss a beat. Eventually, a crew member with a pair of scissors cut Beyoncé free.  Talk about a tough chick and consummate professional!

Source:  TMZ

She Accepts People for Who They Are

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Mrs. Carter actually changed the lyrics of her song "Single Ladies" to support gay marriage. Yes, Bey is a big LGBT rights supporter, even launching her own brand of "gay friendly" underwear.  She also took part in the Human Rights Campaign, supporting gay marriage and love above all.   

Source:  Perez Hilton

She's a Great Mom

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Motherhood is very important to Beyoncé. She's making sure that her daughter, Blue Ivy, has as normal a life as possible, keeping her away from the public eye.  After giving birth, Beyoncé said in an interview, "You see things a bit differently after you give birth and my biggest job now is to protect my child.”  And it's a job she takes very seriously.   

Source:  The Mirror