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Vote up the sentence-enders that you think properly describe Beyoncé and downvote ones you find unfair or wrong.

From the first Destiny's Child album in 1997 to the release of last year's Homecoming documentary on Netflix, American pop culture has been falling in love with Beyoncé Knowles now for more than two decades. She's the definition of an all-around performer, widely recognized for her incredible skill at singing, songwriting, dancing, and acting. Her personal life has also been the subject of national interest — Bey's marriage to rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z has grabbed plenty of tabloid headlines, and as her fans are quick to notice, much of that high-profile drama is reflected in the content of her songs.

But after over 20 years of hearing her on the radio, seeing her in movie theaters, and reading about her in the news, how do pop culture fans really feel about Beyoncé? Exactly how big is the "Beyhive," and what is it that her adoring fans like about her most? How many people feel like she's exactly as famous as she deserves, and how many feel like she's been completely forced on us? Is Beyoncé overrated, or is that just plain impossible? Let us know by voting on the list below!

Vote up the sentence endings that you think define Bey best, and vote down the ones you don't feel are fair or accurate.

  • A Hard Worker
    155 votes

    A Hard Worker

  • A Great Dancer
    149 votes

    A Great Dancer

  • A Terrific Singer
    157 votes

    A Terrific Singer

  • A Feminist
    133 votes

    A Feminist

  • Unbelievably Beautiful
    139 votes

    Unbelievably Beautiful

  • An All-Time Great
    130 votes

    An All-Time Great