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Who among us doesn't wish they could rock makeup like Beyonce? No one, that's who. So who better to go to for advice when it comes to makeup tips that Beyonce's makeup artist? It's rare that you see celebs who don't wear makeup, and not far behind those stars is usually a favorite makeup artist who keeps all our favorite idols looking fresh no matter how many hours they've spent on stage or set. For nearly a decade, Sir John, who does Beyonce's makeup for red carpet appearances, editorials, and tours, has kept the Queen herself looking flawless. Here you'll find some of his favorite tips and tricks that you can add to your own makeup arsenal. 

As if Beyonce isn't enough of an all-star client to gain pretty much anyone's trust, Sir John has also worked with other high profile clients such as Priyanka Chopra, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls and Serena Williams. He's also partnered with L’Oréal Paris and even found the time to work as a mentor on Lifetime's series American Beauty Star.

Learn from the "Beyest" with this load of this tricks and tips directly from Beyonce's makeup artist and all-around brilliant guy, Sir John. Vote up the most luminously healthy tips on keeping your look on point all year long.

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Moisturizing Is The Name Of The Game


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Perhaps the best makeup tip of them all is the simplest: make sure you keep the skin underneath your makeup looking radiant and moisturized. Sir John recommends keeping your skin prepped with products like L'Oréal's Pure Clay Mask, REN's Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, or Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. 

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Keep Your Makeup In Place With A Mattifying Moisturizer


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There's nothing worse that nailing a perfect look, only to find that it's smudged across your face throughout the day. Never fear, however, for there both products and techniques you can use to avoid just such a disaster. Sir John advises,

"Start with a great cleanse and then use a mattifying moisturizer like Hydra Genius for Oily Skin to keep your foundation anchored all day long. When you go to set your foundation, utilize a translucent powder like Infallible Pro Sweep & Lock Loose Setting Powder. Make sure to use a fluffy brush vs. a sponge. Set by brushing in a powder instead of sponging."

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Your Makeup Focus Should Change Based On Your Age


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As humans age, the skin and face change as well, so why shouldn't the way we apply our makeup grow? Here's the breakdown Sir John recommends makeup techniques based on various age groups:

"Under 18 - You're a minimalist. Keep it simple by using a cream blush on cheeks and a tinted lip balm. No lipliner! Keep the edges of the lips soft. Finish with just a hint of mascara.
18 to 35 - Focus on your eyes. Go crazy with bold eyeshadows and don't hold back on the mascara. Keep the lips and cheeks subtle. 
Over 35 - It's all about the statement lip, a flush on the cheeks and a great complexion."


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Baking Is Not Such A Hot Idea


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Though Kim K. and others in the beauty world were at one point all aboard the baking train, it turns out that not all celebrity makeup artists are fans of the trend. Sir John firmly declares his negative stance on the style

"I never bake. Ever. It never looks natural on a girl. I'm always starting from the place of being so minimal. Anything I do that's creative is going to be an eye or a lip, but her skin is always going to be natural."

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