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The Most Haunting Paranormal Mysteries From ‘Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction’

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For four seasons, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction provided some of the most chilling true stories on television, but the show also had a knack for spinning some seriously spooky yarns that were completely made up. All of the Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction stories are so outlandish that it's hard to tell which narratives are true and which are fantasy. 

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter if any of the episodes from Beyond Belief actually happened, because the reenactments are all still spooky, especially when the show tells us tales of the paranormal. Whether Jonathan Frakes is recounting the narrative of a cursed chair or a man who has turned into a doll, each of the Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction real stories and falsehoods made us shiver. But which is the most creepy? 

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    The opening story of Beyond Belief from Season 1, episode 1, is a real humdinger. This creepy tale tells the story of a woman who, after suffering a nervous breakdown, can't stop seeing the ghost of a deceased woman standing behind her in her home's second-floor mirror. No matter what she does, the woman continues to appear as if she's trying to say something, and it's super creepy. 

    Her therapist nixes the idea of getting rid of the mirror, but she does cover it with a blanket, which mostly works. One night during a thunderstorm, the woman is all alone when a man breaks into her home and tries to take advantage of her. She runs upstairs, and that's when the man sees the ghost in the mirror. He freaks out and runs off, but he's caught by the police shortly afterward. According to the authorities, the woman in the mirror was his first target.

    Wildly enough, this is actually a true story. 

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    This creepy story from Season 1, episode 2, dives into the fear of the unknown that we all have, but with a creepy twist. In the story, a young boy named Danny is terrified by a monster in his closet, so much so that he sleeps downstairs on the living room couch as much as possible. Everyone knows how much the closet freaks Danny out thanks to his older brother telling the whole school; his mother tells the viewers that he's "labeled as a coward" by the bullies. 

    When Danny tries to confront his bullies, they drag him upstairs and threaten to lock him in the closet. Danny dares his brother to go into the closet first, and when he does, something gets him. Or at the very least he's never seen again. To say that this scene is emotionally scarring is an understatement.

    As wild as the story is, it's supposedly based on a real-life event. 

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    Season 4, episode 5, is a truly chilling entry in Beyond Belief that tells the story of a young woman hired to house-sit for Lloyd Thompson, an architect who's gone overseas for a month. Everything's going fine until she's barraged with strange footage of a man mixing something with a shovel on the family TV. No matter what she does, the channel switches back to the unsettling footage.

    After unplugging the TV, the young woman continues to hear the sound of scraping and mixing, so she does the only thing that make sense: she follows the sound into the basement. Once she's down there, she realizes that she's in the same room from the footage, and that's when she finds a video camera. It plays the same footage that she saw earlier just as she hears someone shouting for her help.

    The house-sitter finds a woman in the ash catcher who explains that Mr. Thompson tried to bury her alive before taking off for Europe. In spite of the myriad twists and turns, it's revealed that a similar incident occurred near the Oregon-California state line. 

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    A woman has to deal with some serious issues in Season 4, episode 3, after she runs afoul of bad luck. While remodeling her home with a friend, a young woman drops a giant mirror in her living room, sending shards of glass across the floor. Her friend begs her to not clean it up. Her friend says that if she cleans it up, she'll have seven years of bad luck, but if she leaves it on the floor for seven hours, she'll only have bad luck for that amount of time. 

    The woman agrees to her friend's demand and things get out of hand quickly. Her plumbing becomes backed up, paper towels go everywhere, and her fuses blow, causing a fire. That's hardly the worst of it. Shortly afterward, a man breaks into her house and tries to take advantage of her. As soon as the seven hours are up, her power comes back on and the guy runs off - or so she thinks.

    While she sweeps the glass, he climbs through a window and tries to get her, but he's impaled on a piece of glass instead. According to Beyond Belief, the story is completely true and happened somewhere near Washington, DC.

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