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Bi-Racial Hair Styles - Advice for Mamas of Biracial Babies

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Black hair babies? As the offspring of a white mama and a black daddy, I have that mysterious hair in-between. After suffering under the naivete of my mother's best endeavors, I can share a legacy of dos and don'ts for you would-be-torturers.

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    DO NOT

    DO NOT wash your baby's hair every day! While Caucasian scalps suffer from oily secretions that require frequent and even daily washings, all curly hair requires extra moisture. It benefits from a few days' reprieve between shampoos.

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    DO NOT

    DO NOT brush your baby's hair while it is dry. I know: you've been told never to brush wet hair, but that advice is not for bi-racial hair. A wide-toothed comb will slip easily through super-conditioned lock, decreasing resistance and pain.

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    DO wet, condition, and comb bi-racial hair each day. It's the fastest and least painful way to get through those tangles.

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    DO NOT

    DO NOT use mousse to tame your baby's tresses. Most mousses are drying. Instead, find a leave-in conditioner appropriate for the texture of the hair - coarse or fine. In addition, you can use a fixative type product, which is somewhere between a gel and a silicone base.