30 Bianca Del Rio GIFs To Gag Over

Shade, shade, SHADE, and clown realness; sh*t, you must be talking about THE Bianca Del Rio. From the bars and clubs of New York and New Orleans to the catwalks of "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 6, one of the fiercest drag queens in the world is serving up GIFs like they were fashion critiques at a lesbian bar. 

These Bianca Del Rio GIFs are a few simultaneous frames of slap-your-momma delight, and they're all here in one place, made votable so you can choose the best of the best (of Bianca Del Rio). The crazier things this bitch says, the funnier GIFs you'll find on the Bianca Del Rio GIF list. 

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    You I Like. Her...


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    Judging You


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    All. The. Time.