This Actress Has Been Playing Teenagers, Especially Teenage Witches, For Over 20 Years

Actress Bianca Lawson plays teenagers well. In fact, she plays them so well that studios continue to cast her as one over 20 years after her first teenage role. Ever since she appeared as a high schooler on Saved by the Bell: The New Class in 1994, the media world deduced she made for a convincing teenager, a trend which led to Bianca Lawson playing teenagers for over 20 years.

A regular on the supernatural circuit, Lawson routinely plays teenage characters often involved with the occult or paranormal, typically named Nikki. From a young slayer on Buffy to a high school victim on Pretty Little Liars, Bianca Lawson's teenage characters span three actual decades. Somehow, these teenage characters played by Bianca Lawson remain quite believable, leading many to jokingly speculate Bianca Lawson is a vampire herself.

Of all the adults to play teenagers over the years, Bianca Lawson stands out as one who continues to convincingly get away with it. But Bianca Lawson's teenage roles aren't the only high school adjacent roles of her career; even when not playing a teenager, Lawson often finds herself in some way situated at a high school setting or within a high school crowd. Unlike creepy folks who pretend to be teens, Lawson makes it look easy. They say youth is fleeting, but Lawson is clearly faster.

  • Megan Jones On 'Saved By The Bell: The New Class'

    Character's Age: 15 - 16 

    Actual Age: 14

  • Rhonda Coley On 'Sister, Sister'

    Rhonda Coley On 'Sister, Sister'
    Photo: CBS

    Character's Age: 15 - 16 (Sophomore year of high school)

    Actual Age: 16

  • Kendra Young On 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

    Character's Age: 17

    Actual Age: 17-18

  • Rosalind On 'The Steve Harvey Show'

    Character's AgeHigh school (Grade not specified) 

    Actual Age: 19

  • Shirley On 'Smart Guy'

    Shirley On 'Smart Guy'
    Photo: Disney-ABC Domestic Television

    Character's Age: 16

    Actual Age: 19

  • Nikki Green On 'Dawson's Creek'

    Character's Age: 17 (Junior year of high school)

    Actual Age: 20