The Best Bands Named After Things from the Bible

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Biblical bands can be found in almost every genre of music. Plenty of bands have religious names – some intentionally, others not so much. This list includes bands named after Bible characters or stories, bands with “Bible” in their name, and more. Some seem incredibly obvious, but others might surprise you.

Genesis is one of the more obvious entries on this list. This band, which formed in the late 1960s, was originally going to be named “Gabriel’s Angels,” after lead singer and founding member Peter Gabriel. Another band member thought Genesis made sense, because it marked a beginning of the group’s musical journey. The Book of Genesis is the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. Genesis’ first album was called, appropriately enough, From Genesis to Revelation (Revelation is the last book of the Bible).

A lot of metal bands have Biblical band names, including Exodus, Black Sabbath (though adding “Black” certainly denotes a sinister air to the moniker), Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest (another way to say “Jesus Christ”), Ministry, Lamb of God, and Testament. There is also a new wave/pop group called simply “The Bible.” And of course, there’s Stryper, one of the first mainstream Christian rock groups

Bible band names are plentiful in the world of music. Which bands named after the Bible are your favorites? Give your personal picks a thumbs up to move them towards number one, and add any great groups that are missing.

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