Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'Big,' Tom Hanks's First Blockbuster Hit

When Big went into production in 1987, the signs behind the scenes weren't promising. It was only director Penny Marshall's second feature film; there were several other films in production with similar plots about characters changing ages; the central romantic relationship between the teenaged Josh and the adult Susan was morally dicey; and several high-profile actors, including Tom Hanks, had passed on taking on the role of Josh Baskin. Even after Hanks changed his mind and accepted the part, he and co-star Elizabeth Perkins quietly worried that the film would end up going straight to video.

But these doubts turned out to be unfounded. Big became one of the biggest commercial hits of 1988 and it received Academy Award nominations for Hanks (Best Actor) and for its screenplay.

Here are some of the fun behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Big.