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Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The Set Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

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If you're a fan of The Big Bang Theory, the time between each Thursday night can feel like an eternity. In the meantime, might as well fill the void by going down the rabbit hole of fan theories, or reading behind-the-scenes stories from The Big Bang Theory. Many of these tales are as hysterical as the show, and give audiences a more in-depth look at what makes everyone's favorite sitcom so special.

These tidbits reveal everything from secret relationships to cast member phobias. The show on the air remains much different from the original pilot, and the cast sometimes seem the exact opposite of their television counterparts.  

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    Sheldon Was Originally Very Sexual

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    The original The Big Bang Theory pilot was meant to premiere in 2006-2007. It didn't get picked up by the network, though, and never aired. In the pilot, Sheldon was especially different. According to Fandom's wiki for the unaired pilot

    Sheldon is significantly different from his series counterpart: he is sexually active, he frequently masturbates (as opposed to his later counterpart Sheldon) and has multiple fetishes, likes dancing and is a bit more social than his counterpart.

    And continuing the theme of a more sexualized version of the character, the wiki says Sheldon's proclivities got further explored:

    In the episode, it was revealed early that he had slept with Gilda and has a fetish for women with large hind quarters (butts). He has also seen seven women naked, some of whom aren't even his relatives.

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    Kevin Sussman Is Afraid Of Water

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    Stuart always finds himself in an awkward situation, including in the episode “The Hot Tub Contamination,” when he and Raj end up in a hot tub together. The actor who plays Stuart, Kevin Sussman, had a hard time filming the episode, and not because he had to get so close to his costar. 

    Sussman has a deep anxiety about being underwater. The crew had to coach and encourage Sussman through the scene on the set. Sussman said, “I don’t like putting my head underwater ever... a bunch of people had to coach me, you know, ‘it’s going to be okay, we have a lot of people around.’ 

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    There Is A Sad Story Behind Howard's Invisible Baby

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    In the tenth season of the show, Howard and Bernadette have a baby named Halley. The newborn girl changes the characters lives drastically, but the baby itself is never seen onscreen. Instead, we just hear her crying off-camera. And Showrunner Steve Molaro says Halley will only ever be heard screaming offscreen.

    The true story behind the mysterious choice? It's a tribute to Carol Ann Susi, the unseen actress who played Howard's similarly always-screaming mother. The actor died in 2014, and her character subsequently did, too. Molaro explained, "She is a loving tribute to her grandmother - this is a nice way for us to keep Mrs. Wolowitz alive.” 

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    Jim Parsons Has Never Seen 'Star Trek' Or 'Doctor Who'

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    Though Sheldon Cooper speaks fluent Klingon and references the Star Trek universe frequently, actor Jim Parsons has never actually seen an episode of the famous sci-fi series.

    Another surprise? Though Sheldon frequently references Doctor Who, the actor has never seen that show either. “I have never seen Doctor Who,” Parsons admitted. “I know what it is of course,” he continued, “but I have never watched an episode.”

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