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13 Dumbest Decisions By 'The Big Bang Theory' Characters

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Making mistakes shouldn't be a big deal in general, but the characters from The Big Bang Theory are supposed to be geniuses, which makes their mistakes stand out in particular. The characters have goofed up plenty of times, usually through making decisions that are clearly not the smartest moves to make. These resulted in the characters suffering from the consequences, such as embarrassment, humiliation, and all-around bad luck.

Here are what may just be The Big Bang Theory's dumbest moments.

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    In Season 1, episode 13, "The Bat Jar Conjecture," Sheldon assembles his own team to go up against the rest of the guys in the physics bowl. He employs his team with the intention to answer all the questions by himself but gets stumped at the last one. One of his teammates turns out to be a former physicist who gives the right answer, but Sheldon figures he would rather lose on his own than win with a team.

    After his defeat, he has to contend with the mocking Leonard throws his way - who flaunts his physics bowl trophy in Sheldon's face. Sheldon could have easily been the one to do the mocking had he simply decided to go with his teammate's answer.

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    Howard Allows A Girl He Wants To Impress To Drive The Mars Rover

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    In Season 2, episode 8, "The Lizard-Spock Expansion," Howard finally manages to impress a girl to have her leave with him. However, he then calls his friends at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in an emergency to tell them he convinced her to come through the promise of letting her drive the Mars Rover, which ends up getting stuck in a ditch.

    His attempt to hit it off with a date nearly caused him to not only lose his job but also destroy technology that is worth billions of dollars.

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    In Season 3, episode 8, "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency," Howard, Raj, and Leonard succumb to "magic cookies" they unwittingly acquire while camping. Under its influence, the boys get increasingly honest about their feelings, which prompts Howard to share the story of how he lost his virginity. As he reveals, he slept with his own cousin for his first time. 

    Afterward, when the cookies' effects have somewhat subsided, Leonard and Raj make fun of Howard's confession, and he regrets ever saying anything.

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    Penny Gets Married To Zach On A Whim And Doesn't Think It's Serious For Years

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    In Season 7, episode 9, "The Thanksgiving Decoupling," Penny reveals she had once gone to Las Vegas with Zach and gotten married in a "fake" ceremony. Her friends then make her realize that she'd ended up deciding to get married for real since those ceremonies are legally binding.

    Penny then has to summon Zach and get divorced after realizing they'd been married for years.

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