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Fans Are Pointing Out Things About 'The Big Bang Theory' We Never Noticed Before

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The Big Bang Theory is rich with Easter eggs and hidden references. The sitcom supplements these with character traits and mannerisms, which contribute toward progressing the storylines. Still, there are several things that clash with established material that have come to fans' notice. In addition, fans have also found out layers to the characters that aren't apparent at first glance and looking deeper into them will make you realize new things about the series.

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    Raj Wouldn't Have Found The Comet Without Penny

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor throw_havingdoubts:

    Penny deserved credit for the comet. Raj thought it was an eyelash. Without her drawing it to his attention he wouldn’t have encouraged her to take a picture and the comet would’ve gone undetected/discovered.

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    Howard Has The Exact Qualifications He Needs

    Photo: CBS

    From a former Redditor:

    He's an engineer, not a scientist, which means he builds things instead of finding out why things happen. It's a totally different skill set that his scientist friends can't relate to. Also, while most scientists have PhDs, most engineers have MSs.

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    Sheldon Has Suprisingly Been In The Most Intimate Moments With The Rest Of The Group

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor u/misscopypasta:

    Just realized Sheldon has seen the whole main cast naked except Bernadette. How crazy is that? In addition to being married to Amy, Sheldon had seen the guys naked at the North Pole when they slept together to stay warm. He saw Penny naked when she had an accident in the shower. 

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    Barry And Sheldon's Pranks Should Have Been Lethal

    Photo: CBS

    From Redditor u/mack12356:

    In season 3, episode 9, Barry pranked Sheldon with helium which should of killed Sheldon. But the way Sheldon got revenge was worse, he used elephant toothpaste which when it's a small amount its just really warm but that amount would cause burns or death.

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