Weird Nature 31 GIFs of Big Cats Who Think They Are House Cats  

Ashley Reign
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Though countless fur-parents worldwide are familiar with the traditional antics of the average house cat, have you ever wondered how closely these familiar kitty mannerisms resemble those of the average lion or tiger? What are the odds, for instance, of being out on a safari and spying a group of big cats playing like house cats or spying a tiger at a big cat sanctuary going apesh*t over a handful of catnip? Get ready to find out as you flip through this adorable collection of big cat gifs featuring wild cats that enjoy a good game of laser pointer tag as much as the next guy.

Here we’ve assembled a collection of big cat gifs that are sure to launch you into one big case of cuteness overload in no time. Below you’ll meet a group of lions, leopards, tigers, and other big cats as they demonstrate their proficiency of classic kitty moves. You’ll watch as they perform such feats as the string chase, the laser pointer pounce, and even the gum rub of love.

So whether you’re a lover of cats big or small, you're in a happy place. These big guys are sure to leave you with a smile on your face as they engage in adorable, house cat-style antics that’ll leave you longing to pet those insanely cute, but carnivorous heads.
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