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Big Game movie quotes tell the story of what happens when the President of the United States teams up with a young kid to escape terrorists in the forest of Finland. The action film was directed by Jalmari Helander using a screenplay he co-wrote with Petri Jokiranta based on the book of the same name. Big Game opened in theaters in the United States on June 26, 2015.

In Big Game, President Allan Moore (Samuel L. Jackson) is aboard Air Force One when it's targeted by terrorist missiles over Finland. Immediately, the Secret Service, led by Agent Morris (Ray Stevenson) springs into action and places the president into his escape pod, sending him down to land. Morris follows, as do a handful of other agents.

But when President Moore lands, he does not meet the secret service, rather a young kid, Oskari (Onni Tommila) who is in the woods on a coming of age hunting mission. With terrorists, including Hazar, who is working with Agent Morris to kill the POTUS, coming after him, President Moore is forced to team up with the young boy for survival. It's an unlikely pair, but at this point, neither have much of a choice.

Big Game joins theaters which are already roaring with summer blockbusters such as Ted 2, Max, Inside Out, and Jurassic World.
I'm a Hunter
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Oskari: I am a hunter. This is my home.

Oskari explains a bit about why he is in a forest in Finland. He's a hunter who is on a mission to prove his maturity to his family.
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See You on the Ground
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Pilot: Someone is targeting us with a SAM.
Joe: F18 escort is reporting the same. They're lit up too.
Pilot: Joe, engage counter measures now.
Joe: Counters won't engage. Something is jamming us. Whoa, I've lost power.
Pilot: Jesus christ!
Morris: All stations, initiate emergency evacuation procedures. The president is under attack. I repeat, emergency evacuation. The president is under attack... I'll take it from here! Get him out on the ground.
President Moore: Are we under attack?
Morris: I'll find you and pick you up, Mr. President.
President Moore: You'll find what?
Morris: See you on the ground.
President Moore: No, Morris! Wait! Morris!

When Air Force One comes under attack, Secret Service Agent Morris makes sure that President Moore is safely in his escape pod and on his way to land. This proves quite key as the plane, and those fighter jets accompanying it, soon crash.
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You Don't Recognize Me?
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Oskari: Who are you?
President Moore: You don't recognize me? The President... of the United States
Oskari: Welcome to Finland.

President Moore meets a young kid in the forest of Finland. While the kid does not immediately recognize the world leader, neither have time for small talk.
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I'll Deliver the President
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Morris: I'll deliver the president. You will wire the money as planned.
Hazar: Where is he?

Secret Service Agent Morris is revealed to have turned against his country and working for terrorist Hazar to capture and kill the POTUS. Morris thinks he has the president in his escape pod but he thinks again once he opens the pod to find it empty.
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