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Big Hero 6 Movie Quotes

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Here is a list of the best Big Hero 6 quotes.  The superhero movie, which was based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name, takes viewers on an animated adventure to fight crime alongside a crew of six: five nerds and one very huggable robot.

In Big Hero 6, Hiro Hamada is a teenage robotics wiz who discovers Baymax, a health care companion robot his brother created. Along with Baymax, Hiro falls victim to an attack by a crazy man in a kabuki mask and in turn uncovers a crime ring in the metropolis of San Fransokyo.

With the police offering little help, Hiro rounds up his nerd buddies, including Go Go Tomago, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Baymax, plus outfits the team with robotics gear, and sets out to fight the lunatic himself.

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    We Jumped Out a Window

    Video: YouTube

    Hiro Hamada: "If my aunt asks, we were at school all day. Got it?"
    Baymax: "We jumped out a window!"
    Hiro Hamada: "No! Quiet! Shhh!"Baymax: [whispering] "We jumped out a window."
    Hiro Hamada: "You can't say things like that around Aunt Cass! Shhh!"
    Baymax: "Shhh!"

    After a long day of crime fighting, Hiro and Baymax arrive home to see Aunt Cass. Baymax is pretty excited to share the day's events with her, Hiro not so much.
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    Your Personal Health Care Companion

    Video: YouTube

    Hiro Hamada: "Ow, ow, ow!"
    Baymax: "Hello, I am Baymax, you personal health care companion."
    Hiro Hamada: "Uh, hey, Baymax. I didn't know you were still active."
    Baymax: "I heard a sound of distress. What seems to be the trouble?"
    Hiro Hamada: "Oh, I just stubbed my toe a little. I'm fine."
    Baymax: "On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your pain?"
    Hiro Hamada: "A zero? I'm okay, really. Thanks. You can shrink now."
    Baymax: "Does it hurt when I touch it."
    Hiro Hamada: "That's okay. No touching. I'm fine."
    Baymax: "You have fallen."
    Hiro Hamada: "You think?"
    Hiro Hamada: "Ow!"
    Baymax: "On a scale of…"
    Hiro Hamada: "Ow!"
    Baymax: "On a scale of…"
    Hiro Hamada: "Ow!"
    Baymax: "On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your pain?"
    Hiro Hamada: "Zero"
    Baymax: "It is all right to cry."
    Hiro Hamada: "No, no, no, no, no"
    Baymax: "Crying is a natural response to pain."
    Hiro Hamada: "I'm not crying."
    Baymax: "I will scan you for injuries."
    Hiro Hamada: "Don't scan me."
    Baymax: "Scan complete."
    Hiro Hamada: "Unbelievable!"
    Baymax: "You have sustained no injuries, however, your hormone and neurotransmitter levels indicate that you are experiencing mood swings, common in adolescents. Diagnosis: puberty."
    Hiro Hamada: "Whoa, what?"

    Hiro is surprised to see Baymax activated in his room and even more surprised at how persistent Baymax is to act as his personal health care companion. Baymax means well but it gets weird real fast.
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    I Am Not Fast

    Video: YouTube

    Hiro Hamada: "Come on!"
    Baymax: "I am not fast."
    Hiro Hamada: "Yeah, no kidding"

    When fighting crime on the streets of San Fransokyo, having a slow, stout robot buddy holding you back isn't exactly optimal. Baymax, sadly, is quite aware of his lack of speed. Poor guy.
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    A Man in a Kabuki Mask

    Video: YouTube

    Police Officer: "All right, let me get this straight. A man in a kabuki mask attacked you with an army of miniature flying robots."
    Hiro Hamada: "Microbots, Baymax, tell him."
    Baymax: "Yes, officer"
    Police Officer: "Microbots"
    Hiro Hamada: "Yeah, he was controlling them telepathically with a neuro-cranial transmitter."
    Police Officer: "So Mr. Kabuki was using ESP to attack you and balloon man."
    Hiro Hamada: "I know it sounds crazy."
    Police Officer: "Kid, how about we call your parents and get them down here?"
    Hiro Hamada: "What?"
    Police Officer: "Write your name and number down on this piece of paper and we can…"

    When Hiro and Baymax head to the police station to report the crime they were victim of, the police officer is of little help. This leaves Hiro with the only option to go out and fight against the bad guys himself.
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