Then And Now

The Big Lebowski Cast, Then And Now  

Mick Jacobs

Two decades after its release, The Big Lebowski remains one of the most beloved films in modern cinema. In the video below, the Hollywood Reporter looks at the film's all-star cast from then until now.

When you look back on the film, you realize that there were a ton of big names associated with the project, and they all appear to still be doing well in the world of Hollywood. Because of this, it's a fun game to see how each of their careers panned out into the 21st century.

From Julianne Moore to John Goodman, each of these stars continue to star in projects today, and it shows that the Coen brothers knew what they were doing all those years ago when the film premiered.

As they say, the Dude abides, and he ages too. Watch the video below to see where your favorite actor from The Big Lebowski looks like now.