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18 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Big Lebowski'

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The Big Lebowski is a special kind of cult classic. First off: The Dude. Jeff Bridges drinking White Russians will forever have a place in our special box of '90s nostalgia, man. Second, how many films do you know that have their very own festival? How about their very own store in Greenwich? Better yet, how many movies have inspired an entire religion?!

Needless to say, there's nothing quite like The Big Lebowski. Trying to summarize or describe the film is like trying to get The Dude to like The Eagles... it's futile. Instead of trying to put this cinematic experience into words, we've decided to dig up some facts you may not know about the film masterpiece. So kick back, relax, pour yourself a White Russian, and enjoy.

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    The Dude's Wardrobe Came From Jeff Bridges's Closet

    A lot of The Dude's clothes in the movie were Jeff Bridges's own clothes, including his Jellies sandals.

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    Can The Dude Actually Bowl? We'll Never Know

    Though he's a member of the bowling team, the Dude is the only team member never seen bowling throughout the entire movie - not even once.
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    The Dude Is In Every Scene Of The Movie

    That's right! He's even in the scene where the Nihilists are ordering pancakes - through the window, you can see the van the Dude and Walter are driving. This is in keeping with the traditional film-noir style, in which the protagonist is the narrator and acts as the audience's guide throughout the film.

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    The Coens' Sneaky Details Reveal A Lot About The Dude

    As The Dude writes the 69 cent check at Ralph's, he watches George H.W. Bush give the "This aggression will not stand" press interview live on TV. President Bush gave the interview on the White House lawn on Sunday, August 5, 1990, three days after the Iraqi Army invaded Kuwait. The Dude's check, however, is dated September 11, 1991, indicating that The Dude is so broke, that he had to post-date a 69 cent check by over one year.